Wednesday, 19 August 2015

about the girl who's not knowing everythings.

please pray for me.
for my imaan
for my life .

Dont know how to explain . but
what can i say just i cant give up . so please do not give up. i know that's nothing easy .without challenges.

but opportunity is everywhere.

Allah. please easier everything.

everyday, every morning i chose to be a good person.
good slave .
good daughter.
good lil sister .
good to strangers.
good friend. ahem.

its easy choice but its didnt go smoothly.

if you wanna  see what Allah planned you've to sabr -be patient


He told me that cause he's know Allah will give me the right way.
if i follow him, i'll success.

life is like a battlefield . only the strongers can survive . hmm. some people said life is hard . and the other ppl say life is easy.

honestly im not good in making  decision.


i think i've to make schedule for my life.(my future life)  wuwu :p

wishlist before 2016

1 .khatam alquran with translation.
i've to tadabbur surah by surah.
2. solat dhuha 6 rakaat
3. recite yasin everyday after subuh prayer.
4 . search new job. :(.

yesterday , i asked my mom. what's wrong with my life? my faith? .

she said ;

'Allah loves you'
'Allah test to see your patient . '
'Allah know what we know not'

my angah say ; Tanda Allah sayang.

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