Tuesday, 22 August 2017


How to write notes/prose in English:

Think of writing a diary. A prose/note in English is something that comes from your heart. Your deepest hopes, your deepest fears, your innermost desire. In fact, writing a note/prose in English is you telling people of your own story, telling people about you and your style. A style is never the same with different people, because writing notes/prose is YOU yourself talking. In the event where you write, the most important thing to play is your emotions. Let the readers read your emotions. Let them feel the essence that you have to offer to them. Let them touch your soul, because when you write, you are basically exposing yourself to people.
There is no definite way to write a note/prose. It is all about you. Hence, it was stated above as 'writing a diary'. You tell people the essence. You don't need to use bombastic words. You only have to inject emotions inside your writing. Tell people about you, your style, your soul. Let them touch you.